Category: 2015 Presentations

Unprogramming & Maker Activities for Youth

The slides below accompanied a 3-hour training I gave for St. Joseph County (IN) Public Library on October 15, 2015. The theme of the program focused on strategies for infusing new time-saving and engaging ideas into existing program structures, specifically through the unprogramming method and maker activities. The workshop included hands-on portions focused on sharing elements of successful programs; participating in a low-tech maker team challenge; and demo-ing medium-tech maker equipment such as 3Doodlers, MaKey MaKeys, and littleBits.


Librarianship for the 21st Century: School/Library Collaboration & Media Mentorship

On October 7, 2015, I presented a webinar for the Mississippi Library Commission exploring two aspects of 21st Century librarianship: collaboration between public libraries and schools, and media mentorship. The webinar included an overview and examples of typical types of cooperation and collaboration between schools and libraries, culminating in a plan for enacting deeper collaboration. The portion on media mentorship touched on the necessity of this service in the current landscape; ways of serving as media mentors; and resources. The slides for the webinar are below.

STEAM & Día: Offering Informal Learning with a Mind Toward Diversity

In September 2015, I gave a webinar through the Texas State Library focusing specifically on the topic of STEAM programs and services as they relate to underserved cultural, ethnic, and racial groups. The presentation included background information on the STEM-to-STEAM movement, with particular attention to when and how multicultural diversity has become a substantial part of the conversation. Program ideas and resources are included in the slides below.

Media Mentorship: An Introduction

I was asked to videoconference in for the annual Youth Services Boot Camp put on by the Bergen County Cooperative Library System; the requested I talk about media mentorship at their event on September 11, 2015. A board meeting kept me from being able to attend live, but with the support of the boot camp committee, I filmed a short talk instead. Below is the video I prepared for the group, and which is available for anyone who is interested–Media Mentorship: An Introduction.

STEAM Programs for Youth

In September 2015, I presented a webinar for the Texas State Library on the topic of STEAM programming with youth audiences. The webinar (slides below) explored the place of STEAM in the library; strategies for engaging preschoolers in STEAM; school-age STEAM programming; and resources.

The Myth of Boy Books & Girl Books

In September 2015, I gave a talk to Skokie Public Library staff as part of our in-house Brown Bag It series of talks and trainings. We discussed the repercussions of talking about books as “boy books” and “girl books,” in particular for young audiences, as well as brainstormed better strategies for talking about books. The accompanying slides are below.

Building STEAM Among Diverse Youth

I presented a poster session entitled Building STEAM Among Diverse Youth at the Public Libraries & STEM Conference in August 2015 in Denver, CO. The poster, which can be viewed by clicking the image below, included an introduction to the importance of incorporating diversity into STEAM programming, in particular with a focus on underrepresented minority populations. The poster was accompanied by the following additional resources:

STEAM Día poster thumbnail