Photo by Jessica Sabella

My name is Amy Koester, and I am a public librarian.

I am currently Youth & Family Program Supervisor at Skokie Public Library, where I coordinate a range of programs for kids and their families as well as lead outcomes and data initiatives. I also supervise our three part-time program assistants who support programs for all ages. I strive to collaborate to offer services that allow all children to engage with the world and develop their personal interests. I’m also part of a team that leads civic engagement initiatives for all ages at my library.

I’m a big believer in the sharing and support of our library community, and I’ve shared many programs and ideas at The Show Me Librarian. Major topics on which I have blogged, presented, and published include STEAM, civic engagement, outcomes, media mentorship, and developmentally appropriate programming. I am actively involved in ALSC; I currently serve as the New to ALSC Board Member. I’ve been an editor for In the Library with the Lead Pipe, an open access, open peer reviewed journal on libraries and librarianship, since September 2016. I am also a member of the advisory council for the Our Voices initiative.



  1. Barbara Reed

    Thank you for all the information on The Show Me Librarian…I teach preschool in Oak Park Il and am finding out everything I can to help me develop my curriculum aroung STEAM…

  2. Kara

    I started doing Early Literacy Activity Calendars for my department back in December and just saw your blog post on The Show Me Librarian. I love the idea of handing them out to families when they sign up for Summer Reading and posting them on the website! (I took the idea from my kids’ super amazing preschool teacher, and I love that another librarian was as excited to get these into the hands of families!)

  3. Kris Fagre

    Hi Amy. I love your STEAM blog, and it’s inspired me to do something similar for our Summer Reading Program families. I’m hoping that you consider imitation the highest form of flattery, because I’d love to use some of the programs you describe! Any words of wisdom for someone just starting out this kind of program? 🙂

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